About the Chart

The ‘Dark Science Electro’ Chart is compiled using publicly available data from sources like weekly podcast plays, personal charts, one-off playlists from leading Electro DJs as well as sales data and media coverage. Each of those categories is given different weight as to how they will impact the chart calculation. Below you will find some of the sources that are included in each of the aforementioned categories as well some additional rules that will be followed in order to ensure fairness in the chart. The sources used to compile the chart are subject to change and this page will be updated if new sources are added or old sources are removed.

Playlists from weekly shows (50% weight): Dark Science Electro, Breaking Waves, White Noise,  Elektrodos, Pyramid Transmissions, Mechitronicast, Dimensional Waves, EST, Neptunian Influence, Tracklistings, Future Shock, Bass Agenda, Digital Tsunami, RAAR, Electro Ave, etc

Sales, Media coverage (30% weight): Bandcamp sales charts, Juno Download sales charts, Soundshelter, Electric Kingdom Magazine, DJ Mag, Igloo Mag, FACT Magazine, XLR8R, Inverted Audio, Mixmag, Discogs Hot List, etc

Public Charts (10% weight): Elena Sizova, Nez, Jensen Interceptor, Animistic Beliefs, Solvent, Helena Hauff, Lokier, Jeremiah R, Textasy, Vinilette, Alienata, Danny Daze, Dmitry Distant, Conforce, 214, Legowelt, The Exaltics, Lowfish, etc

One-Off DJs playlists (10% weight) : Helena Hauff, Maceo Plex, Dave Clarke, Danny Daze, The Hacker, Maceo Plex, VLR, Alienata, Lowfish, DJ Stingray, Miss Kittin, Gamadon, Maelstrom, DJ Xed, Djedjotronic, Sync 24, Luke Eargoggle, Larry McCormick, Andrea Benedetti, Julia Pe, Anthony Rother, Hanal, Chris Spotta, E-Rocker, N-Ter,  etc

Once all the content from those sources is formatted into uniform datasets, they are dumped into an Excel spreadsheet that will do the official calculation based on the weight levels outlined. That will provide an accurate count of how often an artist, song or label appeared in each category and give me a score to each category as well. Once that list is ready I will do additional manual work, adding or subtracting necessary entires based on a variety of factors found below.

Additional rules:

  • The charting track must have been released within the last 3 months as this process will focus on new Electro music only. No re-presses or classic re-issues will be counted.
  • No artist can have two tracks in the chart at a time unless the subsequent track is a collaborative track with another artist.
  • If a specific song doesn’t show up, however, an artist/release shows up multiple times, DVS NME will make the decision on which track will be charted based on personal judgment and other factors like sales or media coverage. Artists that are played multiple times in one individual show/DJ playlist will skew the data so will be removed.
  • Because many DJs also play Techno, EBM, etc, I will manually remove all non-Electro music from the chart consideration and that judgment of what is/isn’t Electro is solely decided by DVS NME.
  • If a show is only monthly, their data will still count for the entire month yet only have one week worth of weight in comparison to someone who does a weekly/fortnightly show.
  • No label, artist, region highlights will be input into the spreadsheet under any circumstance.
  • If there is self-interest in a track being played (ie the DJ is also the label owner of the track played) that track will be removed from the data.



DVS NME is an Electro music producer/deejay and Post Punk enthusiast living in Colorado. He runs a daily blog called ‘Dark Science Electro’ which features news, live sets, guest mixes, upcoming shows, premieres as well as a weekly radio show on Intergalactic FM.

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